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IGD-TP Symposium and Webinar Postponed Due to Covid-19


Due to concerns about the latest Covid-19 variant, the Swiss Government has tightened international travel restrictions and now requires visitors from Belgium, Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the UK to quarantine on arrival for 10 days, irrespective of vaccination status.  Given this change and uncertainty regarding the status of restrictions in early January, we have decided to postpone the IGD-TP Symposium and Webinar, which were to be held in January 2022.

There is a strong desire to hold the Symposium as an in-person event to ensure as much free discussion as possible.  Therefore, we have decided to postpone the event rather than make it a virtual one.  As the webinar follows directly on from the Symposium, this linked event is also postponed.  A new date will be determined in the next few months, but it is likely to be in late summer/early fall of 2022 – this will be announced in the spring.  We plan to keep the same event programme, speakers, posters and panellists.  As always, the latest information will be available on the IGD-TP symposium webpage.

As we are postponing, rather than cancelling the event, we plan to carry across all registrations for the Symposium and Webinar made so far.  If you would prefer that we remove you from the registration list, please inform secretariat@igdtp.eu.  In addition, we will carry across your Symposium registration fee to the new event date, but if you would prefer a refund instead then please inform secretariat@igdtp.eu.

We are sorry to make this decision, but we hope this helps to clarify your plans. Stay safe!