About us

Our vision is that by 2025, the first geological disposal facilities for spent fuel, high-level waste, and other long-lived radioactive waste will be operating safely in Europe.

Our commitment is to:

  • build confidence in the safety of geological disposal solutions among European citizens and decision-makers;
  • encourage the establishment of waste management programmes that integrate geological disposal as the accepted option for the safe long-term management of long-lived and/or high-level waste;
  • facilitate access to expertise and technology and maintain competences in the field of geological disposal for the benefit of European Member States.

The Executive Group organises the IGD-TP, supported by the Secretariat.  Specific tasks and activities are undertaken by Working Groups.  Other parties, such as regulators and technical safety organisations may also be involved in our activities from time to time.  Specific responsibilities are set out in the IGD-TP Terms of Reference.