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IGD-TP Symposium and Webinar: The role of optimisation in radioactive waste geological disposal programmes

Symposium: 20-22 September 2022, Webinar: 29 September 2022

SIX ConventionPoint,

Pfingstweidstrasse 110,

8005 Zurich,


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Symposium registration has now closed but you can still register for the webinar!

We are delighted to announce that, following postponement due to Covid-19, new event dates have been arranged and registration has now re-opened for the IGD-TP’s international symposium on the role of optimisation in geological disposal programmes for radioactive waste.  Hosted by Nagra in September 2022, the event is open to anyone interested in geological disposal of radioactive waste.

Register for the Webinar here.

If you registered your attendance for the original event date, then there is no need to do so again.  The Symposium organisers will be in contact to confirm any details with you.  If you have any questions, please contact secretariat@igdtp.eu.

Geological disposal projects are first of a kind projects, span several decades, and are multi-billion endeavours.  In order to build and operate repositories safely, to make consistent progress, and to ensure efficiency, optimisation of all aspects plays a critical role and is a continuous activity throughout its implementation.  While safety optimisation is well established, also through international guidelines, optimisation of the implementation of geological disposal has gained increased attention.  This symposium and webinar aim to summarise the status of the main aspects of repository optimisation from a technical-scientific viewpoint and to discuss future directions.

To enable access and involvement of all interested parties, the event will be held in two parts.  The first, physical event, will consist of a two-day meeting in Zurich with sessions on:

  • the role of optimisation in selected national geological disposal programmes
  • technology and material optimisation
  • lessons learned from optimisation in large infrastructure projects
  • integrating optimisation for safety
  • global optimisation approaches – concepts and numerical applications

A number of side events will also be arranged to make the most of attendee time.  Registration for such meetings will be arranged separately to the Symposium.

The third day will provide an opportunity for attendees to tour the Mont Terri or Grimsel underground research laboratories, or the ZWILAG interim storage facility (see below for descriptions).    Tour numbers are limited.

The second part of the event will consist of a live webinar that will include a panel discussion and question and answer session.  Questions can be submitted in advance via the IGD‑TP website and during the webinar.

Interested parties can attend the Symposium, the Webinar, or both events.

The event does not take the same format as previous IGD-TP public meetings, as broader radioactive waste research interests such as discussed at our previous exchange forums are now addressed through the work of the EURAD European Joint Programme.

Scientific Committee

Irina Gaus (Nagra, Switzerland) Chair

Ingo Blechschmidt (Nagra, Switzerland)

Johanna Hansen (Posiva, Finland)

Tiina Jalonen (Posiva, Finland)

Axel Liebscher (BGE, Germany)

Jon Martin (NWS, UK)

Maarten Van Geet (ONDRAF/NIRAS, Belgium)

The draft programme is available here

Symposium: 20-22 September 2022, Zurich, Switzerland

Webinar: 1330-1600 CET, 29 September 2022, Online

Practical Information

Further Information

Further information will be added to this page as it becomes available.  For any other queries please contact secretariat@igdtp.eu

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