Image courtesy of Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co, Illustrator: Phosworks

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The Implementing Geological Disposal of radioactive waste Technology Platform (IGD-TP) is dedicated to initiating and carrying out European strategic initiatives to facilitate the stepwise implementation of safe, deep geological disposal of spent fuel, high-level waste and other long-lived radioactive waste.  It aims to address the remaining scientific, technological and social challenges, and support European waste management programmes.

The IGD-TP was launched on 12 November 2009, initiated by the European Commission and waste management organisations.  Now solely funded by the waste management organisations, the group welcomes all interested parties (industry, research and academia, research centres, technical safety organisations, non-governmental organisations, associations, SMEs, …) endorsing the IGD-TP Vision and willing to contribute positively and constructively to the group’s goals, such as establishing and implementing the Strategic Research Agenda and participating in information exchange and knowledge transfer.

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