Our members include waste management organisations, research groups, academics and commercial support organisations from over 24 countries.

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Member of Executive Group

Agence Nationale pour la gestion des déchets radioactifs

The French National Radioactive Waste Management Agency.

Contact: Frédéric Plas

BGE (Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH)

The German national waste management organisation.

Contact: Astrid Göbel

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)

Member of Executive Group

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Contact: Annika Schäfers

Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)

The French Geological Survey

Contact: Francis Claret

Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT)

Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research

Contact: Tiziana Missana


European Underground Research Infrastructure for Disposal of nuclear waste In Clay Environment is an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) involving the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN and the Belgian Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Materials (ONDRAF/ NIRAS). It carries out feasibility studies for the disposal of high-level and/or long-lived radioactive waste in clay layers. In this way EIG EURIDICE contributes to the national disposal programme run by ONDRAF/NIRAS.

Contact: Andreas Hucke


Agenzia Nationale per le nuove tecnologie, lénergia e lo sviluppo economico sostenible

Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

Contact: Alfredo Luce


The Geological Surveys of Europe, is a not-for-profit organisation representing 33 National Geological Surveys and some regional Surveys in Europe.

Contact: Isabel Pino de Juana

European Commission, Joint Research Center (JRC), Institute for Transuranium

The mission of the JRC Institute for Transuranium Elements (JRC-ITU) is to provide the scientific foundation for the protection of European citizens against risks associated with the handling and storage of highly radioactive material. JRC-ITU’s prime objectives are to serve as a reference centre for basic actinide research, to contribute to an effective safety and safeguards system for the nuclear fuel cycle, and to study technological and medical applications of radionuclides/actinides.

Contact: Jean-Paul Glatz

Fizinių ir Technologijos Mokslų Centras (FTMC)

Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, Lithuania

Contact: Rita Plukiene

Fund for financing the decommissioning of the Krško Nuclear Power Plant and the disposal of NEK radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel

Contact: Andrea Rapic

Horia Hulubei, National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering (IFIN-HH)

Contact: Vlad Avrigeanu

Hydroisotop GmbH

Laboratorium zur Bestimmung von Isotopen in Umwelt und Hydrologie

Laboratory for Isotope Analyses in the Environment and Hydrology

Contact: Dr. Florian Eichinger

IST/CTN, Technical University of Lisbon

Contact: Isabel Paiva (radiation protection and radioactive waste management expert)

Le Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA)

French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission

Contact: Catherine Rabbe


Member of Executive Group

Nationale Genossenschaft für die Lagerung radioaktiver Abfälle

Contact: Irina Gaus

National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (NSC KIPT)

Institute of Solid State Physics, Materials Science and Techologies (ISSPMST) of the National Science Center Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (NSC KIPT).

Contact: Sergey Sayenko


Member of Executive Group

Správa úložišť radioaktivních odpadů SURAO

Radioactive Waste Repository Authority, Czechia

Contact: Jiri Slovak

Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB (SKB)

Member of Executive Group

Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB

Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co.

Contact: Monica Hammarström