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BELBaR, DOPAS and First-Nuclides activity pages added


New project activity pages have been added for three historical EC research projects involving members of the IGD-TP:

  • BELBaR – The BELBaR project aimed to increase knowledge of the processes that control clay colloid stability, generation and ability to transport radionuclides;
  • DOPAS – DOPAS aimed to improve knowledge of the industrial feasibility of plugs and seals for geological disposal facilities; and
  • First-Nuclides – First-Nuclides aimed to improve the understanding of the fast / instantly released radionuclides from disposed high burn-up UO2 spent nuclear fuel.

Information on the objectives, scope and members have been added, as well as copies of many of the project deliverables for your reference.

If you have any further information on these projects you think would be useful, or copies of additional project deliverables, please contact the secretariat@igdtp.eu.