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SECIGD2: Secretariat of the Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform – Phase 2

The IGD-TP secretariat was renewed for phase 2 to further support the work of the technical platform. This continued funding aimed to deepen collaboration and knowledge exchange between the waste management organisations and other stakeholders.


Project Dates: 01/01/2013 – 31/12/2015

Project Status: Finished

Project website: https://igdtp.eu

The EU-funded SECIGD2 (Secretariat of the Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste – Technology Platform – Phase 2) initiative worked to implement and coordinate activities of the IGD-TP through a previously established secretariat (see SECIGD).

Through networking, training and coordination, SECIGD2 improved research and development to accelerate geological disposal. Particular focus was on supporting those member countries with less advanced programs.

Further, SECIGD2 managed secretariat operations, informed the public of the benefits of geological disposal and trained end users in radioactive waste management. Through conferences and workshops, SECIGD2 gave waste management organisations, research centres, academics and non-governmental organisations the opportunity to express their views and initiate joint activities.


Work of the secretariat in phase 2 was divided into several work packages each with individual objectives.

Work Package 1, IGD-TP secretariat operations management and coordination of activities

This work package aimed to maintain and further develop the IGD-TP secretariat activities and ensure a smooth management of the platform. This included:

  • publishing and updating strategic documents;
  • disseminating information to stakeholders;
  • maintaining a public website; and
  • organising meetings.

Work package 2, Support for networking, structuring and developing Research Development and Demonstration (RD&D) competences in countries with less advanced geological disposal programmes

WP2 was specifically set up to foster networking and structuring RD&D in countries with less advanced programmes. It focused on looking at different ways of transferring strategic knowledge. Specifically, the secretariat aimed to:

  • provide specific support to this working group;
    provide the management guidelines for activities dealing with this working group;
  • support the organisation of two international conferences for disseminating the public scientific and technical information and results derived from the IGD-TP’s activities and from other RD&D efforts in the field of geological disposal; and
  • enable the further evolution of the IGD-TP Strategic Research Agenda.

Work package 3, Support for the development, implementation and coordination of Competences Maintenance, Education and Training (CMET) activities in geological disposal in Europe

The secretariat supported the CMET working group in achieving its main objectives:

  • identify and share the needs in knowledge, skills and attitudes (competence) of the geological disposal community;
  • develop quality assurance of training provided for new and experienced professionals in the field of nuclear waste management and especially geological disposal by developing quality assurance procedures and criteria for the voluntary accreditation of training (and education) in geological disposal;
  • develop a “Curricula” for professionals in geological disposal; and
  • ensure indirectly that providers for CMET and new personnel will be available in the near future.

The IGD-TP Secretariat helped the CMET working group directly in the organisation of meetings, in compiling a strategy and action plan (StrAP), and reporting a feasibility study for mutual recognition of competences.

Work package 4, Project management

This work package aimed to ensure the smooth management of the IGD-TP with specific focus on reporting, deliverables, and financial management.