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SECIGD: Secretariat of the Implementing Geological Disposal Technology Platform

The IGD-TP secretariat was established to manage the day to day running of the platform and support the executive group.


Project Dates: 04/01/2010 – 03/01/2012

Project Status: Finished (renewed as SECIGD2)

Project website: https://igdtp.eu

The European Council outlined in its Decision 2006/976/EURATOM a need for “Implementation-oriented R&D activities on all remaining key aspects of deep geological disposal”. To address this the European waste management organisations (WMOs) initiated a technology platform Implementing Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste (IGD-TP) to foster, to promote and to accelerate the implementation of geological disposal. The mission of the IGD-TP is to be a tool to support confidence-building in the safety and implementation of deep geological disposal solutions.

A secretariat was established for daily management of the IGD-TP and for acting as an open information centre on the platform activities, and for stakeholder participation.


The secretariat was established with several key objectives:

  • support the preparation of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and contribute in an efficient manner to operations of the platform (the agreed vision, the SRA, and its deployment plan);
  • maintain a public website where, for example, progress reports and announcements for future events are published to support exchange among the members and other stakeholders;
  • foster consultation and cooperation on projects; and
  • disseminate the results of related work to all IGD-TP stakeholders.