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RWM’s Science and Technology Plan published


Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM) is the UK Government’s nominated implementer for delivering a geological disposal facility for the UK’s higher activity radioactive wastes.  RWM has now published its latest ‘Science and Technology Plan’, which provides details of the nature and timing of its planned technical development activities.

The document is primarily an internal document.  However, it is intended that publication of this document will provide opportunities for dialogue and involvement of interested parties in the development of RWM’s knowledge base for the safe geological disposal of radioactive waste.  RWM welcomes feedback, particularly in relation to innovative solutions to the identified research needs and objectives.

In September 2014, RWM published its first Science and Technology Plan.  This was followed by a light update and re-publication in 2016.  The 2020 document provides a more significant update incorporating improvements resulting from:

  • learning and feedback from internal and external stakeholders;
  • feedback from regulators;
  • alignment with the Geological Disposal Technical Programme;
  • an updated ‘change control’ appendix, identifying and justifying changes to the previously published plan, and providing an audit trail for completed tasks;
  • new tasks, recognising the iterative development of the GDF project and out-year planning; and
  • a new numbering system for task identification with improved longevity and traceability.

Further information is available at www.gov.uk/government/organisations/radioactive-waste-management/about/research