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Progress in the UK GDF siting process


Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) today welcomed the formation of a Working Group in Copeland.  Today’s announcement is the first step in a long-term process for the community in deciding whether Copeland could be a candidate for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) to be located in this area.

A GDF is a major infrastructure development required to safely dispose of higher activity radioactive waste. It is one of the biggest environmental protection projects ever in the UK and a vital project for the country and future generations. It has the potential to truly transform the host community by providing long-term jobs, investment and benefits for local businesses and people. RWM is committed to working with communities and stakeholders across the UK.

RWM will work in partnership with a number of communities from across the country to explore how having a GDF in their area can provide long-term economic and employment benefits and play a major part in their development plans.  The search for a suitable site with a willing host community is a nationwide process in England and Wales, based on the consent of the community, and will include detailed investigations to make sure there is a suitable site to construct a safe and secure GDF.

The Working Group will now start to hold discussions with the community about the opportunities and issues of constructing a GDF in the area.

Establishing a Working Group is just the starting point in a process that will take several years as part of a community consent-based siting process. The Working Group’s role is to propose a Search Area for further consideration in the search for potentially suitable sites, to engage citizens across the community, to begin to understand their views, and to recruit initial members for a Community Partnership with RWM that could take the process further forward.

Please visit the new Working Group website (workinginpartnership.org.uk) to understand more.