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IGD-TP Chair Handed from Nagra to Posiva


Posiva took over the IGD-TP Chair and Secretary General responsibilities on 1 April 2022.  Tiina Jalonen, the incoming IGD-TP Chair, thanked Irina Gaus (outgoing Chair) and Ingo Blechschmidt (outgoing Secretary General) for doing an excellent job in leading the IGD‑TP for the last three years.  The IGD-TP is in a strong position with:

  • publication of a revised Vision and Strategic Research Agenda;
  • a portfolio or ~10 ongoing IGD-TP R&D projects; and
  • efficient use of limited resources to support EURAD, PREDIS, and IAEA and NEA initiatives.

Thanks were also given to Sonja McCullough and Annika Breu for their support to the Secretariat over the last three years.

The new Secretary General is Johanna Hansen. Lukáš Vondrovic (SÚRAO) will continue as the deputy secretary during Posiva’s chair, with the intention that SÚRAO will take over the Chair in 2024.

IGD-TP Chair handover from Nagra to Posiva, 24/03/2022