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First Modern2020 Monitoring Training School

4th June 2019 to 8th June 2019

Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory,


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Save the date! The first Modern2020 Monitoring Training School will be held at SKB’s Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory in June 2019.

The programme is based on the outcomes of the Modern2020 project and Modern-FP7, and aims to offer an overview of monitoring problems in the field of geological disposal and provide training on monitoring strategy methodology.

Topics include:

  • Nuclear fuel cycle and the back end
  • Radioactive waste type
  • Final storage concept
  • Description of granite and clay concepts
  • General consideration about monitoring (definitions)
  • Methodology to select monitoring parameters
  • Overview of monitoring technology
  • EDZ and EBS challenge
  • Data management
  • Monitoring contribution to decision making process
  • Social aspects of geological monitoring

More information will be available soon on the Modern2020 project website: http://www.modern2020.eu/