JOPRAD Final Workshop

16th November 2017

Marriott Hotel,


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JOPRAD Final Workshop – 16 November 2017 Marriott Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

The JOPRAD Final Workshop was held on 16th November 2017, and gathered about 100 attendees from waste management organisations, technical services organisations, research entities and Civil Society Organisations from 19 countries.

The Final Workshop was intended primarily for actors that have contributed to the JOPRAD Project and those willing to participate in the EJP1 proposal and those that would be in position to provide the mandate for participation.

The objectives of this Final Workshop were to present the main outcomes and achievements of the JOPRAD project including:

  • how the community can be involved in future Joint Programming;
  • what are the common research priorities for the next decade; and
  • what are the implementation principles for a successful initiative.


The JOPRAD Project

The ‘Towards a Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Disposal – JOPRAD’ Project was established in 2015 with the objective of carrying out initial preparatory work for setting up a Joint Programme on radioactive waste management and disposal.

The ultimate goal of the Joint programming is to bring together, at the European level, those aspects of RD&D activities required within national research programmes where synergy from Joint Programming has been identified. A “mandate” given by a Member State authority would formalize the link between the research actors and the National Programmes.

The aspects of R&D activities brought together concern primarily geological disposal of spent fuel and other high activity long lived radioactive waste, including waste management aspects linked with their disposal and accompanying key activities (Education and Training, as well as Knowledge Management).

The JOPRAD project will finish in November 2017.


Further information on the JOPRAD project is available at

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