14th April 2019 to 18th April 2019

The Knoxville Convention Center,




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Robust Collaboration on the Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Management of High-Level Radioactive Materials Over Multiple Generations.


This conference is an international forum for discussion of the science and engineering needed to push forward with long-term storage and/or disposal options for used fuel and high-level waste (HLW).  While science and engineering are certainly the foundation upon which these facilities will ultimately be built, it is clear that “consent-based” processes, especially when it comes to siting, must be employed to bring facility development to fruition.  We welcome insights that can be garnered from organisations that have embarked upon the “consent-based” siting process.  As reflected in this year’s theme, the conference is also intended to emphasize that used fuel and HLW long-term storage and/or disposal is an immediate, world-wide need that will soon be placed upon the shoulders of generations of individuals born well after the original development of this power source.  Transferring information to these generations requires active participation from industry, government, academia, policy-makers, and the interested public.  Student participation is strongly encouraged as the conference anticipates a special focus on information sharing with graduating engineers and scientists who will work toward realistic storage and disposal options that benefit their generation.

Further information is available at the conference website: http://ihlrwm.ans.org/