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EuroClay 2023, on 24-27 July 2023 in Bari, Italy

23rd July 2023 to 27th July 2023



The meeting will take place in the Villa Romanazzi Carducci. It is located in Bari, at 900 m from the railway central station (Stazione Centrale) and at 400 m from the Metro station.

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The abstract submission is open until the 1st of March. The conference site can be found http://www.euroclay.aipea.org



Applications & Valorization

Chemistry & Mineralogy

Clays are widely used as engineered and natural barriers in radioactive waste disposals. To guarantee the safety of these disposal systems in the long-term, the mechanical, thermal, mineralogical and physicochemical properties of these barriers must be analysed in depth, under different scales. All the processes that may significantly modify the clay barrier performance (chemistry, temperature, irradiation, erosion) must be investigated to strengthen the Safety Case. Within this context, is also especially relevant the analysis of radionuclide/clay interactions, and the geochemical and thermodynamic modelling needed to predict radionuclide migration under variable environmental conditions.

Tiziana Missana | CIEMAT | Spain | tiziana.missana@ciemat.es

Ursula Alonso | CIEMAT | Spain | ursula.alonso@ciemat.es

Ana María Fernandez | CIEMAT | Spain | anamaria.fernandez@ciemat.es

The basic requirement for radioactive waste disposal is to attenuate the release of radionuclides to the environment by means of both engineered and natural barriers. In the last decades, concepts are revised with respect to the maximum temperature at the interface canisters-barriers, with a special focus on bentonites. This session seeks contributions to help understanding high temperature (>100 °C) effects on bentonite buffer materials. Studies focused on mineral transformation, interfacial interactions, and other processes related to the performance of bentonite barriers, performed in lab or in field, are welcome.

Reiner Dohrmann | BGR | Germany | reiner.dohrmann@bgr.de

Geology & Engineering

Health & Environment

Materials Sciences