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EURAD Training course on application of Requirement Management Systems

16th January 2024 to 18th January 2024

Registration until the end of 31.12.2023

Registration available on the event page.

EURAD Training course on application of Requirement Management Systems



The EURAD guidance work package (WP12) aims at developing a comprehensive suite of instructional guidance documents that can be used by EU Member-States and associated countries with radioactive waste management programmes, regardless of their phase or level of advancement with implementing their waste management activities. Requirements management has been selected as the broad topic for further guides to be developed within EURAD. To effectively support the understanding of the application of requirements management systems (RMS) in radioactive waste management (RWM), a training session is going to be organised in collaboration with EURAD WP13 (focussed on training). During this two and a half days training, participants will learn about the basics of RMS, its role in planning RWM programmes and some lessons learnt from application of RMS in some national programmes will be shared. Theoretical lectures and the introduction of the results of the literature survey on RMS are complemented with exercise and test case.

Target audience

This Training Session targets junior and senior professionals from the EURAD programme working on – or just starting the introduction of – RMS. The Training Session provides a platform for the participants for networking and aims to assist the creation of an informal “community of practice” in the area of requirement management.

Learning outcomes

The aim of the Training Session is to provide input to ‘the way of thinking’ on

how to structure the RMS,
the process of developing and updating the RMS and
using the RMS in the daily work.


Upon completion of this Training Session, participants should be able to:

describe the RWM planning instruments and role of RMS,
describe the disposal system RMS, with special emphasis on post-closure safety aspects,
describe the architecture of an RMS (high-level goals, functions, targets, design requirements etc.),
understand the RMS development process including how to set constraints (geology, waste), system boundaries and how to identify stakeholders (their role, responsibilities and expectations),
understand the evolution of the system, the need of flexibility in planning and the update and iterations needed in the RMS,
apply the “way of thinking” to the RMS in their home country,
list lessons learnt (key messages) from examples on application of RMS in advanced national programs.


No prerequisites apply for this Training Session.


A draft programme can be downloaded here.

Registration information

Please be informed that this is a face-to-face training course with limited seating. Therefore, the organisers ask participants to only register if they intend to attend the Training Session. Preference for attendance will be given to EURAD consortium members.