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EGU22 session on geosciences in the DGR site selection process


The General Assembly 2022 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) will be held at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) in Vienna, Austria, from 3–8 April 2022. The assembly is open to the scientists of all nations.  As part of the conference, a dedicated session on geosciences in the deep geological repository site selection process is being convened by Vanessa Montoya (UFZ), Koen Beerten (SCK-CEN), Andreas Reinicke (NAGRA) and Alwina Hoving (TNO).

Geoscience knowledge is essential to investigate safety requirements that are established by national agencies to construct a geological disposal for high-level and/or long-lived radioactive waste in a specific selected site. Geoscientists are tackling challenging issues to support the site selection process. These include hydraulic testing in low permeability formations, appropriate selection of borehole testing fluids, porewater characterization, radionuclide-rock and rock-water interactions, geo-mechanical testing of clay rocks, characterization and classification of fractures in crystalline rock, fracture network modelling, development of long-term site evolution models, management of large amount of data obtained during the site characterization phase, integration of diverse geoscientific data and the development of plausible future evolution scenarios.

The abstract deadline is 12 January 2022.

Additional information regarding the meeting scope is available at EGU22 General Assembly – Session on geosciences in the site selection process.  Further information about the General Assembly is available at https://www.egu22.eu/ and the webpage about this specific session may be accessed at https://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU22/session/43550