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Registration link for COVRA’s geological disposal research programme seminar


COVRA, the Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste in the Netherlands, is launching their new research programme on geological disposal with an online seminar on Wednesday 4 November, where they will explain what is happening internationally in the field of radioactive waste disposal and what the content of the new programme will be.

The programme will start at 10:00 and will end around 15:00 hours.  To register visit www.covra.nl/en/organisation/kick-off-meeting-2020/.  You can see the tentative programme here.  The event page on the IGD-TP website notes the latest information.

Geological disposal
The storage of radioactive waste at COVRA is not a final, long-term solution. After a hundred years of storage a large part of the waste will still be radioactive. According to the current state of science and technology, storage of this long-lived waste in stable geological layers in the deep underground is the only solution to ensure that the waste will still remain out of the human living environment after thousands of years. This is referred to as deep geological disposal. Research into deep geological disposal is an integral part of Dutch radioactive waste policy. Coordinating this is one of COVRA’s key tasks.

More information on geological disposal can be found at: https://www.covra.nl/en/radioactive-waste/deep-geological-disposal/.