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Nuclear knowledge management Workshop Paris Nuclear knowledge management Workshop Paris

  • Date added: 03/06/2013
  • Date modified: 03/06/2013
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 Workshop on knowledge management in the area of  geological disposal of nuclear waste on 25 to 26 April 2013

 As mentioned in the Exchange Forum Meeting in Paris last November, a workshop will be arranged on the present status and future plans of knowledge management in the organisations involved in preparations for geological disposal of nuclear waste. The workshop will be arranged on 25 to 26 April 2013 in Paris and it will be hosted by Andra.

On the basis of a previous working group meeting the topics of the workshop will include at least:

  • improvements in clarity and traceability of presentation of RTD results and safety arguments
  • maintenance of organisational memory and competence
  • development of organisational culture and management practices
  • utilisation of up-to-date IT tools

According to preliminary plans at the workshop we will have:

  • description/benchmarking of good  practices
  • detailed presentations of some of the technical approaches taken by waste management organisations.
  • brainstorming: "ten new ways to do our work"
  • discussion on possible further steps.


All the IGDTP participant organisations  active in the area of knowledge management are invited to  participate at the workshop by preparing presentations on their approaches, e.g.,  to the topics mentioned above, or other knowledge management topics of importance.   The organisations interested to participate should  send the name(s) of their representative(s) and a short abstract on their intended contributions by 5 April 2013 to Juhani Vira (juhani.vira@posiva.fi) with a copy to Aliouka Chabiron (aliouka.chabiron@andra.fr).

 All ideas and comments on the workshop programme are likewise welcome!   Please send them also to Juhani Vira.

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