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Geodisposal 2014 - Conference Programme available

The IGD-TP Geodisposal 2014 conference on the Strategic Research Programmes for the Implementation of Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Europe, will be held on 24-26th June 2014 and will be hosted by the University of Manchester.

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Event website: https://www.meeting.co.uk/confercare/geodisposal2014/

The objectives are to present the on-going joint activities derived from the key topics in the IGD-TP SRA and specifically those topics aligned with the research Needs from the less-advanced programmes including topics outside the scope of the SRA.

In addition, the outputs from the conference will be captured in a special, peer reviewed and Open Access issue of Mineralogical Magazine. Papers are welcome on all aspects of geological disposal of radioactive wastes, and in particular, relevant to the the conference topics.

The main conference sessions are:

  • Developing programmes for geological disposal - experience and lessons from advanced and less advanced programmes
  • Disposal concept, design and technology development
  • Radionuclide and gas behaviour
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Natural systems including biogeochemistry, biosphere and geosphere
  • Safety case
  • Engineered barriers, wasteforms and criticality
  • Siting
  • Societal aspects
  • Future IGDTP activities, Horizon 2020, involving newer member states.

These have been selected based on the topics in the SRA, those raised in the last IGD-TP Exchange Forum and the needs of the less advanced programmes and wider community.

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