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IGD-TP Exchange Forum 7 - Presentations available!

The IGD-TP 7th Exchange Forum (EF7) was held on October 25-26th, 2016, at the Hotel Córdoba Centre, Córdoba, Spain.

See iconIGD-TP EF7 Agenda.

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Annually, the IGD-TP Exchange Forum brings together the geological disposal of radioactive waste community in order to i) informally discuss common interests in RD&D, ii) highlight IGD-TP ongoing activities and EC projects, iii) initiate or enhance collaboration with other organisations, iv) explore new ideas that could complement the IGD-TP Strategic Research Agenda, and v) prepare future activities and projects that may be developed in the framework of the EC Euratom work programme.

This 7th edition was themed around increasing the maturity of technology. It was an opportunity to update members on the platform activities during 2016, inform the community on the outcomes of the recently completed BELBaR, LUCOEX and DOPAS projects and collectively explore the potential of future Joint Activities (through four subject specific working groups).
Furthermore, the Exchange Forum also aimed to summarise the future research needs as currently envisaged by WMOs, TSOs and Research Entities, and open the discussion up to the audience via a panel question and answer session.
This Exchange Forum helped in preparing for future projects, calls, and also initiate or increase interaction between research organizations, waste producers and waste management organizations.
To fulfil the above objectives, the Exchange Forum last two days and will dedicate significant time for presentations and discussions in the following four subject specific technical working groups:

  • WG1 - Industrialisation and optimisation
  • WG2 - Canister Design
  • WG3 - High temperature clay interactions
  • WG4 - Spent fuel characterization


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