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Executive Group

The Executive Group (EG) is the decision and management forum of the platform. The technology platform will be implementer-driven. Members of the EG will be organisations either being responsible for implementing a waste management programme or being formally responsible for the RD&D programme needed for implementation. In addition, research organisations with significant autonomous budgets and/or available funding that can contribute to the work of the technology platform are foreseen to have an advisory role to the EG.

The EG members’ responsibilities are:

  • to take decisions and steer the different tasks of the platform
  • to prioritize activities and projects (to be funded jointly) for deployment
  • to initiate, monitor, and evaluate activities
  • to fund the secretariat (equal division)
  • to approve the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and Deployment Plan (DP)
  • to establish working groups
  • to encourage information exchange with ”Mirror groups” including regulators and
  • to develop reports and information to the Exchange Forum.

The current chairman of the IGD-TP Executive Group is Monica Hammarström, SKB.


The Executive Group appoints the Secretariat, whose responsibilities are:

  • to organise and coordinate the activities of the IGD-TP
  • to support the finalisation and publication of the SRA and DP of the IGD-TP
  • to contribute to that the IGD-TP is organised in an appropriate manner to achieve the committed vision according to the timeframes set in the Vision Document, in the finalized SRA and in its DP
  • to act as an information and communication centre about the activities of the IGD-TP and on developments in the waste management community.

The Secretariat:

  • maintains a public website at www.igdtp.eu where information and documents about progress, future and past events are published
  • supports the exchange of information among the committed members and other exchange fora
  • fosters consultation and cooperation on projects.

The Secretariat reports to the Executive Group.

Working Groups

Working Groups will be established within the working programme. These groups will have specified mandates such as development of the SRA, development of supporting activities such as Competence Maintenance, Education and Training (CMET), Interface Working Group (IWG) and Nuclear Knowledge Management (NKM). The IWG will develop and follow work on how to interact with stakeholders. Cooperative projects and other forms of Joint Activities carried out in the Working Groups will follow the Executive Group's decisions and the Deployment Plan.

Other participants

Regulators and Technical Safety Organisations are also invited to participate in the technology platform by forming for example mirror group(s) as decided by them. The regulator’s interaction with the platform shall not compromise their independence or prejudice their decisions.


You can download the pdf Figure on the organisation of the IGD-TP (489.34 kB)

Executive Group