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JOPRAD Programme Document Workshop

Date: 4 Apr 2017 9:00
Duration: All Day
Location: London


The Programme Document, the main outcome of the JOPRAD Project

The main outcome of the JOPRAD project will be the Programme Document that will form the scientific and technical basis of future Joint Programme. The Programme Document will address:

  • Background, benefits and boundary conditions for a EJP;
  • Key RD&D domains as well as Knowledge Management activities that could be included in a future EJP, in consistency with the national development and operation programmes for geological disposal in Europe;
  • The methodology that was used within JOPRAD to bring out these domains/topics; and
  • A proposal for governance and implementation mechanisms of such a EJP.

A JOPRAD Workshop will be organised on 4th April 2017 in London to present the draft Programme Document.

More specifically, this workshop will be the occasion to present:

  • The background for setting-up a Joint Programme;
  • The research domains defined as suitable for a JP by all the R&D actors (Waste Management Organisations, Technical Support Organisations and Research Entities) and how these domains were selected and then prioritised while maintaining the independency of the actors;
  • How the Civil Society has been engaged in the process and how the interaction with stakeholders can be envisaged within a JP;
  • Examples of potential projects (RD&D projects and Knowledge Management activities) that could be carried out within the first phase of a Joint Programme; and
  • A possible governance and implementation mechanism.

Targeted Audience

The Programme Document Workshop is intended primarily for:

  • Ministries, national/regional authorities (programme owners);
  • Waste Management Organisations, Technical Support Organisations and Research Entities concerned with national research programmes and RD&D activities on radioactive waste management, including geological disposal (programme managers);
  • Civil Society stakeholders;
  • European Commission.


Please register you interest to attend by email to JOPRAD-PDW(at)nda.gov.uk, or for more information please contact the local organisers at raymond.kowe(at)nda.gov.uk or louise.newton(at)nda.gov.uk.

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