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IGD-TP 5th Exchange forum

The 5th IGD-TP Exchange Forum (EF5) will be held on October 28-30th, 2014 in Kalmar, Sweden.


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The main objectives are to:

  • Present IGD‐TP on‐going activities, collaborations and main achievements  with a focus on the handling of uncertainties in the Safety case , microbiological studies and new waste form developments in collaboration with SNETP,
  • Discuss , after four years of implementations, if SRA’s priorities  are adequately covered by the joint activities and associated projects
  • Explore new ideas that could complement our SRA priorities and lead to new Research, Development and Demonstration Topics for the next five years

To fulfil these objectives, the EF5 will last three days. Besides plenary sessions comprising keynotes given by officials and experts, four parallel working group sessions will be held to discuss priorities and new technical initiatives:

  1. WG1 - Safety Case: Handling of uncertainties
  2. WG2 - Microbiological Studies
  3. WG3 - Information Exchange Platform with SNETP
  4. WG4 - Priorities and lessons learned after 4 years of implementation of SRA

In addition a special session will be organized by the Competence Maintenance, Education and Training (CMET) group with the aim of having the platform's views on the feasibility of a voluntary accreditation scheme and its prerequisites within the geological disposal community.

A visit of the Äspö laboratory will be organised on October 30th (end of visit around 14:00) (Limited number of participants).

Finally, the EF5 will give participants the opportunity to present their work in a poster session.

Practical information:

Venue: Calmar Stadshotell, Stortorget 14, Kalmar

Phone: +46 480 49 69 00 ; E-mail: calmarstadshotell@profilhotels.se ; website: www.profilhotels.se

How to get there?

From Kalmar Airport, take the bus line 402 to the Central station in Kalmar. The ride takes about 15 minutes and then there is just a short walk to the hotel.

Taxi will be available outside the Taxi terminal at the airport  



Contact: secretariat@igdtp.eu 


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