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The idea to start the MIND-project was born at the Exchange Forum 4, in Prague in 2013. Microbiologists and geochemists met at first in a working group within the IGD-TP. During the discussions it was found that there were many questions and unresolved issues in common for the different organisations.
The project brings together 15 European groups focusing on key questions posed by waste management organisations. The emphasis will be on quantifying specific measureable impacts of microbial activity on safety cases under repository-relevant conditions, thus altering the current view of microbes in repositories and leading to significant refinements of safety case models currently being implemented to evaluate the long-term evolution of radioactive waste repositories.
The MIND project officially started June 1, 2015 and the kick-off was held in Brussels September 2, 2015. Representatives from all 15 organisation participated. MIND is a multidisciplinary project addressing key technical issues that must be tackled to support the implementation of planned geological disposal projects for both higher-level (HLW) and intermediate level (ILW) radioactive wastes across the EU.
The ScientificTechnical Work Programme is divided into two operative Work Packages (WPs) focussing on ILW and HLW respectively. The third Work Package concerns data implementation and communication intended to share the outcome of the experimental work packages to a broad audience, including students, professionals, the scientific community, stakeholders and the lay community. Work package 4 concerns Project management.
For further information, please visit: www.mind15.eu

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