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DOPAS project meetings

Andra hosted DOPAS project meetings in Saint Dizier in France in October 8th -10th.

Work Package 3 (WP3 Design and technical construction feasibility of the plugs and seals) and Work Package 4 (WP 4 Appraisal of plug and seal system's function) meetings did collect almost all DOPAS organisations to share the information related to the experiment design, material specifications, monitoring and the progress of the DOPAS full scale experiments. Full-scale seal (FSS) by Andra is under construction and this was a unique opportunity to observe how concrete and bentonite specifications has been developed and tested before they will be emplaced to the full scale installation. The presentation was given by the subcontractors participating to the project in addition to the Andra staff and this guaranteed a good discussion about FSS details and challenges related to the experiment. The integration of information to the WP3 and WP4 summary reports was also planned. Beside the WP3 and WP4 meetings also the design basis for POPLU Experiment and FSS Experiment was discussed in smaller groups as background for WP2 reporting.


The FSS Experiment was filled with meeting participants instead of bentonite in this time. Photo © Andra

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